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ImageThe Truth That Makes Them Free is an anthology of spiritual journeys by a dozen current and former faculty members at the University of Texas at Austin.

Self-published by the UT Christian Faculty Network and distributed in partnership with them, “Truth” was inspired by the seminal volume, Finding God at Harvard, and was the five-year passion of editor, Dr. Donald G. Davis, Jr., Professor Emeritus of Library History.

From the back cover: “The university at its best is a kind of forum—a think, tank, an idea incubator, an intellectual bazaar—that allows for diverse perspectives in the search for truth. To the extent that an academic institution loses this excitement for cross-fertilization and discourse, it can sink into the trap of being primarily a high-level trade and vocational school. Faculty members can and do make a difference.”

“As the twenty-first century is well underway, while the rest of the culture seems to be taking the significance of the spiritual dimension of our common humanity more seriously, university professors sometimes find thinking, writing and speaking about faith issues difficult. Why? Here, twelve Christian faculty members share their stories.”

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