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Meeting personal needs of graduate students through articles, seminars, and support groups and make ourselves available to meet the spiritual needs as grads express an interest.

Ransom Fellowship is the writing, mentoring, and speaking ministry of Denis and Margie Haack that is committed to the four d’s: developing discernment and deepening discipleship.

Probe's mission is to present the Gospel to communities, nationally and internationally, by providing life-long opportunities to integrate faith and learning through balanced, biblically based scholarship, training people to love God by renewing their minds and equipping the Church to engage the world for Christ.

The "Give Me An Answer" ministry began as an outgrowth of the dialogues Cliffe Knechtle has had with students on various university campuses throughout the United States.

The mission of Reasons To Believe is to show that science and faith are, and always will be, allies, not enemies. Our mission is to bring that life-changing truth to as many people as possible, both believers and unbelievers.