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About Us
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What We're About

Our purpose is to equip Christians to serve Christ, to defend and apply their faith, and to proclaim the gospel on campus and in our culture.

Where We Are Going

Since its founding in 1989, Hill House (formerly the ProbeCenter) has done more than merely help students to survive their university years with their faith intact. We have sought to recover a tradition of Christian living and scholarship that takes both the Bible and contemporary culture seriously. Ours is not a new vision; we stand in the tradition of the Reformation and of contemporary writers such as Francis Schaeffer and C.S. Lewis.

How We'll Get There

We teach. Effective education is more that telling people what to think. It's building discernment: providing biblical tools they can use the rest of their lives and modeling how to use them. We provide resources: the Christian scholarship, both in our library and in person.

We counsel. When students need help, we are here.


Hill House is a non-profit organization and, as such, we are supported by the donations of those who believe in our purpose. If you are considering a tax-deductible donation and would like to contact our staff, please follow this link.